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We are a newly established family-based business. We are dedicated to hosting web sites because no one else can provide the level of service that is needed by many companies.
We provide only what you need and not what others want to sell you.
If you have any questions about our services or have any feedback, please send us an email by clicking on the Contact Us page.
Ezitiger and Optimax Google Optimization
In Australia, we really have only just begun to use the internet everyday to its potential; mostly because of the success of reliable search engines like Google. Google and other major search engines have made the internet easy to use. They deliver results specific to your search and have become continually reliable.

Ezitiger and Optimax understand what the search engines want to see. We program your website to tell them what you are all about, so they can feature your website in the search results. If you dont already have a website see design and hosting studio
It is important to prepare your website for the engines content reading software. Our Webmasters will revise and manipulate your websites on page and background content in incredible fine detail. we are marketing websites to be more attractive to search engines. Get some internet marketing tips and advice here.

Here are a few things that you can do to help make a difference to your business Search Engine Results.
Tip :- NO Body likes an OLD Brochure!
Have you ever used a brochure to research something ….only to find out later that it now costs twice the price because the brochure was 2 years old? Doh!
Who likes outdated information!?
Definitely not the great Googlebot! Yes, Google knows how long it has been since you updated your information … and the more fresh new content it gets, the more it likes you!
If you regularly update the information on your site, then Google will see this when it comes to visit. The more you update your information, the more Googlebot will visit, checking for yummy genuinely informative new contents. If your information is old, then why would Google want to show your site?
Did you say Googlebot comes to visit?
Yes, sounds stupid but very real….

Ezitiger is my first choice
for professional website
services. Dean is
thorough and diligent
and does a fantastic job
on time, every time. I
have introduced several
of my customers to Dean
for web work and they
have all been thrilled
with his ethics, pricing
and service. I can highly
recommend Ezitiger for
all of your website

Karen Childs
Pickle Factory

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